About Us


The Garrowby Limousins herd is part of the 320 hectare in-hand farming operation on Garrowby Estate, the home of the Halifax Family, 14 miles east of York.

Prior to the arrival of Farm Manager, Clive Rowland at Garrowby in 2001, Lord Halifax had for many years had a herd of Aberdeen Angus cows grazing the parkland around Garrowby Hall.  However, Clive was keen to replace these with commercial Limousins to benefit from higher liveweight gains and to provide improved margins.

During the intervening years Clive has earned a reputation for producing high quality stock and has enjoyed considerable success in the show ring.  A significant proportion of the commercial bulls and heifers have been sold for breeding.

Clive has based the Garrowby herd on bulls purchased from Ian Handley’s Gunnerfleet Limousins, a herd that he has always admired. The first bull acquired was Glenrock Ventura, which Ian had purchased from Carlisle in 2006 for 24,000gns, followed by Dolcorsllwyn Brynmor which Ian had purchased from Carlisle for 32,000gns in 2008. Amongst others, Gunnerfleet Hicks and Plumtree Fantastic were subsequently purchased from Ian. The Plumtree Fantastic daughter, Gunnerfleet Ilocks, is also in the Garrowby herd, as are eight of her daughters.

A programme of expansion started in 2018 with the aim of building the herd up to 200 cows, including around 20 pedigree and the remaining 180 commercials. However, early in 2020 the opportunity arose to purchase the Gunnerfleet herd of pedigree Limousins, in its entirety. Although the heavy responsibility of maintaining and further enhancing the quality and reputation of a herd that Ian Handley and his father, Jim, had built over a period of 35 years, was initially rather daunting for Clive, it was a challenge that he has taken on with excitement and enthusiasm. Garrowby Limousins was born, incorporating a combination of the best of the Garrowby cattle with those from Gunnerfleet to create a top quality new herd.

The pedigree herd of 80 cows will be further enhanced with the incorporation of the best home bred Garrowby heifers.  In the autumn of 2020, 25 Fleckvieh heifers from Germany will be introduced as recipient females for embryo transfer use.  Including the commercials, the overall herd size will be maintained at 200 cows.

The pedigree herd aims to produce bulls and heifers for sale both privately and through Limousin Society Sales, with an emphasis on ease of calving, confirmation and milking ability. 

Homebred sires will continue to be used on the commercial cows. All progeny are either sold for breeding or as stores.

The herd is a member of the SAC Health Scheme and is TB4, Johnes Level 1 and BVD accredited as well as IBR and Pasturella vaccinated.

Lord Halifax’s son, James Irwin, who now owns the farm, is extremely supportive of the ambition to elevate Garrowby Limousins to the very pinnacle amongst the breed.