Gunnerfleet Geaster

A consistent breeder of quality progeny.  She is daughter of Dolcorsllwyn Brynmor,  the sire of numerous females that have been retained within the herd.  Geaster has size with excellent shape and has produced daughters which have sold to £10,000.


Gunnerfleet Hiseni

A large cow with great width out of Brynmor, daughter of Gunnerfleet Exenie, a Vermount daughter.  Hiseni produces progeny with similar traits.  Three of her sons sold in May 2017 to an average of £9,000.


Gunnerfleet Ilocks

The matriarch of the herd.  She has been used in several flushing programmes and has numerous outstanding quality daughters within the herd. Her sons have sold to £30,000.

Ilocks is a Plumtree Fantastic daughter combining extreme muscle and milking ability.


Goldies Floche

Goldies Floche continues to produce quality progeny with many daughters kept in the herd.  She breeds muscle and milk.  She has also been used in flushing programmes using various sires.  She was bought from the Goldies Herd with her mother, Goldies Annie, for £11,000.



Purchased from the Champerval Herd in France, Ellora is the mother of Gunnerfleet Hicks and is a large framed cow that is full sister to Acajou, a top performing bull in France.  Most of her daughters have been retained.



A French cow with a big future.  Sired by Impatient and out of Jena, this is a new line purchased from the Earl Brothers in France.